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Jan 19, 2013 12:05pm EST
the united states. the bulk of these are 5500 community banks with less than the 10 million. another group numbering nearly 70 banking organizations, those of the green cards there, they estimate between $10 billion to $250 billion. they control 90% of the industry's assets. the mega bank's assets between two and $50 billion and two 0.3 trillion dollars, it is made up of a mere 12 institutions. accountzen behemoth's for roughly 0.2% of all banks. but they hold 69% of all of the assets for the industry. the 12 institutions that are presently accounting for -- our candidates considered too big to fail because of the threat they posed to the financial system. by contrast, should the other 99.98% of banking get into trouble they would be most likely end up with private sector changes and minimal government intervention. how and why this works for 99.8%, but not for the other 0.2% -- it helps to consider the sources of regulatory market discipline imposed on each of these three groups of banks. we allow it to the image of regulatory discipline, potential the -- potential closure and bank
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1